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Category X, since it was first W.A.M.I. nominated for Best New Group, has become one of the most desired cover bands in the Midwest for several reasons. First, and foremost, our friends, that consistently pack out the venues Category X performs at, are the GREATEST people in the world. Also, Category X performs the more difficult and intricate rock styling's of the 70s - 80s  Arena Rock.  No backing tracks. No midis. No samples or loops. No digital harmonizers. We are the real deal. If you like bands such as Boston, Kansas, Styx, AC/DC, VH, Journey, Dio, Zeppelin, Rush, Night Ranger, Triumph, Bon Jovi and THAT kind of rock-n-roll, then you're gonna absolutely LOVE Category X. The musicianship and vocals in this band are something you will have to see and hear for yourself to believe. And the song selections are absolutely phenomenal. Come see.


Meet the Boyz of Category X


Brian "Bird" Memmel - Lead Guitar/Vocals.
Has played everything from Disco to R&B to country and then some.

Loves 80's hair metal but Jazz Rock Fusion is his forte ...

Past bands: Northern Lights, Switch, Source, Jegani, Spincycle, Uptown Sounds....
Currently in Category X, Insane Octane & Hardwired


Mitch Cooper - keyboard, guitar, vocals,

He is a very accomplished multi-instrumentalist meaning he actually plays more than one instrument at a time plus he sings on top of that! He's also been seen fixing broken solder joints on a power amp using a bic lighter and a paper clip. Don't try this at home kids :-)   


Eddie Martinez - Lead Vocals

"Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit"

Eddie grew up in the Motor City, Detroit Michigan.Influences: Elvis, Motown, The Beatles, Bob Seger, Journey, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Black Sabbath, Foreigner, Joe Lynn Turner, Stryper, Dokken, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, DIO, Boston, Van Halen, Queen ... Previous Bands: Prisoner, Silent Scream, Monster Island, Bonedance, Dimension-X, Doomstreet, Ugly Dog Contest & SHINOLA.

Currently in CategoryX, Motley Brue, Rokken Dokken and Mr.Riffs


Texas Ed Smith
Danny Khoury

Eddie Ray Smith - Bass 

Born in Houston, TX. Avid outdoors man. Got to see all the good bands. Spiritual, cerebral and kind to all. All I need is love. (And saltwater.) Joined Category X as bassist 2006

Danny Khoury - Percussion/Vocals

Born and raised on the south side of Milwaukee, I was a middle child destined to march to the beat of my own drum. There's just something about hitting those skins that I can't explain. Not only is it therapeutic and a stress reliever, but I absolutely love being the pulse and heartbeat of a rock n roll band. Highly influenced by Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, Alex Van Halen, and many years in Drum Corps., my style is disciplined, regimented and intricate. And ever since joining Category X in 2010, I've been blessed to play my favorite music with an unbelievably talented band of brothers. One thing's for sure, I always knew this south side kid was born to pound the snot out of something. It just happens to be those drums. And that's probably a good thing. Rock on!

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